In celebration of the grand opening of the Vancouver Brownude Academy Hoi has joined forces with Thuy and the Brownude team to offer HOI X BROWNUDE 3! 

The group training course will offer students the opportunity to learn two signature device techniques from lead trainers Hoi and Thuy. Hoi will be demonstrating her signature Fashion Brow design, a customizable stylized brow which features pixel shading followed by an overlay of Nano hair strokes. The strategically placed hair strokes will create a fluffy, natural effect. Thuy will be demonstrating her nationally renown powdered ombre technique. This high definition brow creates a natural, ombre effect akin to powdered brow make up. 

Within the smaller group environment (8 students) artists will have the ability to maximize their educational experience by connecting with trainers and fellow students directly. The HOI X BROWNUDE course is a collaborative effort by all trainers in implementing cosmetic tattoo fundamentals while showcasing their unique styles and techniques.





Amiea National Trainer Canada

Renown for her highly naturalistic eyebrow designs, Hoi is the head educator of Hoi Tattoo Education. Her work as an international permanent make-up artist and trainer has taken her around the world to Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, Vietnam, and the USA. With a university background in business, Hoi established her private studio Hoi Tattoo in Calgary, Alberta. Hoi is passionate about natural beauty, citing over 10 years of experience as a published professional make-up artist with a love for beauty editorials. She also enjoys dance and noodles!




President of brownude and browbox

Thuy is the powerhouse behind the renown cosmetic tattoo studio Brownude and leading supplier Browbox. With 5 years of experience in cosmetic tattooing and 10 years in beauty , Thuy has acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to lead the industry as an artist and educator. Brownude Academy manifests Thuy’s passion for educating the upcoming generation of artists as well as her dedication to her craft. Currently holding +30 certifications, Thuy believes in the importance of continuous education in stimulating personal growth as an artist.




Hoi will demonstrate her personalized device technique to achieve highyl naturalistic brows. The utilization of a single needle allows for enhanced flexibility and creativity in creating custom tailored brows. Nano brows emphasize a client's natural beauty, complimenting their facial features and skin tone. The training sessions will present an opportunity to learn a variety of methods in creating hair strokes and soft shading. students will be able to select or combine techniques to create beautiful, unique brows.



Powdered ombre brows utilize pixel shading to create a soft, powdered brow. Lighter fronts are maintained with the pigment gradually darkening towards the brow tail. This create a naturalistic ombre appearance, akin to brow make up. This technique is the perfect option for clients who are interested in a highly polished and defined brow shape. A permanent make up device is used to create the shading, offering a less invasive alternative to treatments such as microblading. This technique is suitable for all skin types with the exception of extremely oily skin.




  • FUNDAMENTALS. Students will learn foundational information essential to the art of cosmetic tattooing. Topics include who is suitable for cosmetic tattooing, pre-appointment/post-appointment care, and the potential risks associated with the procedure.

  • THE STUDY OF SKIN ANATOMY. Our skin consists of several layers with varying thicknesses. Understanding how the variation between these layers affects healed results is essential to successful cosmetic tattooing practices. Students will be provided with concise information regarding skin depth, proper pigment insertion, and how healed results can be affected by improper practices or certain skin types.


  • BROW SHAPING AND DESIGN. Building upon powdered shading, students will be guided through shaping and tailoring brows for a variety of unique facial features. Proper brow mapping is a key component of brow design, and students will have the opportunity to practice measuring and adapting brow design patterns to suit individual clients.

  • POWDERED OMBRE DESIGN. Students will learn how to create soft, medium, and bold powdered ombre brows. Thuy will emphasize the techniques required to create the crisp, defined shape powdered ombre brows are recognized for.

  • BROW MAPPING ACTIVITY. Students will practice brow mapping and shaping on each other, focusing on tailoring the brow design to suit their unique facial features and preferences.



  • NANO DEVICE HAIR STROKE THEORY. Students will study the methodology behind creating realistic hair strokes. Hair stroke design, direction, and bundling will be covered.

  • COLOR THEORY. Several factors must be taken into consideration when determining the correct pigment color. Students will learn how to find the pigment color most compatible with the client’s skin undertones, as well as the keys to pigment mixing and color correcting.

  • MACHINE BASICS. Proper machine set up, handling of the hand piece, differences between cartridges, and speeds and configuration will be addressed.


  • TRAINER DEMONSTRATIONS. Hoi and Thuy will apply the skills learned (brow mapping and design, color theory, hair stroke design, powderd ombre brows) on live models. Hoi will be demonstrating Nano hair stroke design with Thuy simultaneously demoing powdered ombre brows.

  • SANITIZATION PRACTICES. Proper set up and tear down as well as sanitization practices will be covered before, during, and after the demonstration. A thorough overview of proper health and safety practices will be completed at the end of the demonstrations.



  • COMBINATION BROW FUNDAMENTALS. Students will combine their knowledge of Nano hair strokes and powdered ombre shading to create Combination Brows. Students will practice both techniques alongside brow design / mapping on pig skin. Trainers will provide constructive feedback at the end of the practice session.


  • HANDS ON PRACTICE CONT’D. Proper skin stretching techniques and hand placement will be examined and implemented on practice pads. Skin depth and proper pigment insertion will be revisited.

  • Q & A SESSION. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and clarify any materials covered prior to live model practice.



  • MARKETING + SOCIAL MEDIA. Social media platforms are a powerful tool for upcoming artists. Students will learn important marketing techniques to maximize their online growth. Hoi and Thuy will provide tips and tricks in translating online interest to studio clientele. How to take and edit client photos will also be demonstrated.

  • HEALED RESULTS. How to achieve proper healed results will be discussed, with additional time for students to review their techniques and receive feedback from trainers.


  • STUDENT LIVE MODEL PRACTICE. Students will set up stations and complete a Nano procedure on a live model under the direct supervision of the trainers The procedure will provide students the opportunity to practice brow mapping and shaping on a live model, implement health and safety practice in real time, and work with human skin. Students will also participate in tearing down and sanitizing the station post-appointment.

  • CERTIFICATION. Students will be awarded with a certificate of completion.


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