I first met Hoi when I took the first Hoi x brownude course in 2017. The course was amazing!!! I learnt so much and met a ton of amazing people! I loved the course so much I went to the second Hoi x brownude course in 2018! Again it was amazing! Hoi and her team are so knowledgeable and friendly! I ended up doing a few guest spots at Hoi’s studio and I love the atmosphere there! Knowing Hoi and learning from her was honestly the best thing that’s happened in my career. Always super thankful for her and lance! Not only is she amazing at brows and did mine she is also an amazing makeup artist!! Hoi did my makeup for my wedding and it was flawless!!!! I am literally the pickiest human alive and I can honestly say my brows are perfect!! Thanks Hoi!



I will go ahead and start off by saying this has been the best advanced course I have ever taken. I have been an esthetician for 10 years and have taken several continuing education courses and this has surpassed all of my expectations. I started microblading 2017 and have been on a journey to transfer completely over to the machine technique. It is a very competitive industry and people are very reluctant to share their experience, strength and technique and when they do they overbook their class, and you leave more confused than ever. Hoi only trains two people at a time, which just outlines the integrity she has for her work and for her students. Hoi and her fiance Lance have an incredible work ethic and a passion that bleeds through them. The attention to detail is what I appreciated the most this trip, down to the very final night. Hoi has worked so hard to craft her skillset and I am incredibly honored to be able to be a part of her journey and to experience her knowledge. This was the first training course where I didn't want to leave, not because i wasn't ready or feeling confident in my craft, but because Hoi and Lance made my visit so worthwhile that I wanted more time to connect with the humans that they are. If you are beginning or have a couple years of experience, this class is worth every penny. She has done everything she can to give you everything you need to know to succeed and then some. My favorite course, my favorite humans. I will be back! I MISS YOU GUYS!



I attended Hoi’s training course back in October, I really didn’t know what I was expecting since I just dove into this with no experience. Hoi did the most wonderful job of showing and explaining anything I may have been lost on. She was patient and she found ways to teach that made me understand what was in front of me on the fly, which is incredible. Her course has structure and guidelines but her teaching method is fluid; it changes to help the student. Then, I experienced Hoi as the tattoo artist and I was stunned. She’s professional, talented and charismatic. Choosing Hoi will always be the best decision. What I took home professionally and personally from meeting Hoi and Lance and from taking her course will be something I always beam about.



We just wanted to thank Hoi and the Hoi Tattoo Team for the hard work and attentiveness they provide to their classes. I had such a wonderful experience not only on educational level, but a personal one as well. Hoi does a very thorough job of providing you with as much information as possible both during and even after the class has concluded. She always checks in to make sure I’m practicing and to provide answers to any questions I have and that’s something rare you don’t always find with educators in this industry. You can really tell she cares about her students as well as her art form/craft. Thank you, Hoi, for being such a wonderful mentor/teacher!!!